Hello team, In relation to new plan updates, ...

(sergio f) #1

Hello team, In relation to new plan updates, I’m looking for a solution to manage this case:

Table 1 – ‘planning’ with scheduled activities for employees tablet 2 – ‘tasks’ with activities confirmed by employees (ref ‘planning’ table - ‘id_task’ column). Currently employees confirm their own scheduled tasks by pushing a button in planning detail view (an action that allows them to confirm or add extra time). I need to manage if someone forgets to confirm his task within current day. It could be an action adding e new referenced row in table 2 with ‘confirmed’ set value or it could be a workflow sending an email with missing tasks confirmation. How could I do? Both one automatic action and being consistent with standard plan are essential (standard plan getting new premium plan). It’s not clear for me if simple email notification are permitted. Thanks for your help.

(Mary Jane Pender) #2

I have checked with Praveen and an email workflow is premitted as are Action buttons in the Premium plan. hope this helps.