Hello to all, We have an entry that must have...

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Hello to all, We have an entry that must have a specific format: xxx.xx.xxx Would it be possible for me to make sure with a “Valid_if” function that characters numbers 4 and 7 are indeed points? Thank you all for your advice

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Hi @Suvrutt_Gurjar, Thank you so much! Your function works perfectly! I don’t really know the “Substitute” function yet, but I managed to integrate it in my app. Thank you and have a beautiful day :wink:

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Hi @Frederic_Fonne, great to know that the function works as per your requirement. All expressions used in the combined expression are explained in the article mentioned below.

help.appsheet.com - Expressions for Working with Text

All the best ! Expressions for Working with Text help.appsheet.com

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Another option would be to accept the value as the user enters it, then reformat it when the form is submitted using a Data change action.

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Hi @Frederic_Fonne,

Presuming your column is of text type,you may wish to try the following expression in valid_if of the column

=AND(FIND(".",[EntryField])=4, FIND(".",(SUBSTITUTE([EntryField], LEFT([EntryField],4),””) ))=3,LEN([EntryField])=10)

Where EntryField is the name of the column.

I tested the

expression for alphanumeric values. The expression will also ensure that there are no more than 8 alphanumeric characters in the entry field,apat from the two decimal points at position 4 and 7.

Hope this works and helps.