Hello to you all! I have an order tracking/i...

(Alex Meraru) #1

Hello to you all!

I have an order tracking/invoicing app.

There is an order generated with multiple products. Then, when the order is closed, there is an action to make the invoice and send it to the customer. (attached as PDF using a Word template)

I would like to attach to the same email some other related documents. For example, assembly instructions. Let’s say the company sells boxed furniture (IKEA) and for every product ordered, the customer needs the assembly instructions.

Any idea how to?

Thank you!!!

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @Alex_Meraru, based on my understanding of your requirement, for sending additional attachments apart from main document , you may wish to take a look at “Other Attachment” part in Workflow / Report sections.

These other attachment files

can be attached through AppSheet expressions by pulling files saved in file type app


(Alex Meraru) #3

Thanks! will do!

(Alex Meraru) #4

I have looked into it and something on the community but I thinks it’s a bit to advanced for me at the moment :frowning: I need more practice