Hello together, Through my app i can upload ...

(Martin Obermair) #1

Hello together,

Through my app i can upload files, mostly pdfs. Appsheet has the option to use files offline.

When i activate this feature i cannot open any files on my mobile phone. (Mobile is 100% online).On the computer i can open the files. It makes now different if i log in as user or appcreator/admin. If i disable the files offline feature i can view the pdf when i am online, but not when i am offline.

Any ideas how to solve the problem to be able to open pdf files offline? Thanks a lot and greetings from bavaria!

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Hi @Martin_Obermair, could you please give us some more details. What sort of device is this on? What are the steps we can follow to reproduce the problem

(Martin Obermair) #3

Hi Praveen,

thanks for you reply. All devices are Samsung S7 with all updates.

In the table a have column “Datei 1” Type File. Then i uploaded serveral PDF files. If i disable the files offline feature i can view the pdf when i am online, but not when i am offline. If i enable the files offline feature i canot view the pdf if am online or not. I am in Pro-subsrciption so this feature should we availabe.

During the Installation or in the Appshet App, i am not able to add a shortcut. Failed to create shortcut…check internet connection. The device is 100% connected to the internet, sync etc. is working fine. so i had to create the shortcut manually. Maybe there are some problems with the internet connection test routine in the app with samsung s7 devices and this “internet test sub” leads to the “offline pdf” error… Just an idea…

Thanks and BR Martin!

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #4

Hi Martin, as documented here (https://intercom.help/appsheet/behavior/offline-and-sync/offline-sync-the-essentials), after enabling the “offline content” setting, the app needs to be run/synced once when online so that all the necessary files are pulled down to the device. Although the sync may appear to complete, it will continue to download the files in the background for a while before it is completed (depends on the number of PDF files you have). Have you done that step?

After that, when you launch it offline, the PDF files should be locally available.

But what you say about manually creating a shortcut worries me. How did you do that? Adding @Gil_Littman_AppSheet FYI

Offline & Sync: The Essentials intercom.help

(Martin Obermair) #5

Hi Paraveen,

SAMSUNG S7 with Android 8.0.0: i tried your steps above, i have enabled “offline content” and i waited about 30 minutes ( at the moment there are only ca. 5 small pdf in the app) without success,

i was not able to view pdfs even when i am online and therefore of course offline no change. Running the app offline works.

i used the app Website Shortcut make to place a shortcut to the app-url on the home screen. the shortcut function in the app is not working. (error,…check internet connection…)

we have 4 s7 devices (3 for the users and mine as author) and the probolem exists on all devices.

And to confuse you a little bit more ;-):

Iphone 5s iOS 12.1.4: i have an old iphone 5s. i just reactivated it, and tried the same thing. Everything is working here as you described it. install app, sync, viewing pdf directly online worked and after 5 minutes a tested the pdf offline ==> everything is OK.

i hope this helps you a little bit…

Thanks for your support and BR!