Hello, we tried and managed to create enum/e...

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we tried and managed to create enum/enumlist based on Ref following these discussions:

https://plus.google.com/100439276943632969094/posts/VqFxUC6ddE5 https://plus.google.com/116269838505120626137/posts/DjDEzHMSnWH

We used this specific BaseTypeQualifier string: {

“ReferencedTableName”: “app.EnumYesNo”,

“IsAPartOf”: false,

“ReferencedType”: “Number”,

“ReferencedTypeQualifier”: "{\r\n

“MaxValue”: null,\r\n

“MinValue”: null,\r\n

“StepValue”: null,\r\n

“NumericDigits”: null,\r\n

“ShowThousandsSeparator”: true,\r\n

“NumberDisplayMode”: “Auto”,\r\n

“Valid_If”: null,\r\n

“Show_If”: null,\r\n

“Required_If”: null,\r\n

“Editable_If”: null\r\n}",

“ReferencedKeyColumn”: “Id”,

“RelationshipName”: null,

“Valid_If”: null,

“Show_If”: null,

“Required_If”: null,

“Editable_If”: null}

Ref works but we have we have 2 issues with it:

i) if we use enum/enumlist, EnumInputList is set to “Dropdown” by default. When I switch to “Buttons”, it switches back to dropdown after save & refresh

ii) if we set AllowOtherValues to “false”, option to add something still appears after save & refresh (referenced table is read-only and it shows error after refresh, as no value can be added under these settings)

Any ideas how to work through this ?


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@Adam_Stone_AppSheet just tagging you in this to see if you can help out with the hack a bit… (Side note, any chance of making this work out a little more smoothly?)

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