hello whay i can't add a column type "vidéo"?...

(sabelec energie) #1

hello whay i can’t add a column type “vidéo”? it put it automatically on read only

(Cubyl) #2

If you want put the link at video you need url type, if you want show the video, you need to use video type

(Cubyl) #3

If you create a column in the spreadsheet video and you assign on the App the URL column type you can entry a URL with id. In the same table you made a virtual column with appformula of the column in the spreadsheet and assign at this virtual column video type, you can use the column to insert Link and virtual column to show video

(sabelec energie) #4

so user can’t take video and add them as the photo ?

(Cubyl) #5

To show video user need to insert Link with id for YouTube videos. Appsheet can’t upload videos at the moment. If the users put the link in a form, you can show that in a detail view. You need two slice, one for add and one readonly.

(sabelec energie) #6

so user can’t upload video?

(Cubyl) #7

At the moment no. The users can put Just the link. Mp4 and YouTube. But the video need be public on one server