Hello, Wondering if there is a good way to do...

(Jenn M.) #1

Hello, Wondering if there is a good way to do this. I have over 20 columns that I’d like to clear to blank after a certain action has been executed (for example, after the column “status” has been set to “complete”).

I know that this can be accomplished through pairing actions, but this would mean creating over 20 “set the value of a column” actions.

Anybody know of a more efficient way?

(Yılmaz Kandiş) #2

You can go to each of 20 column’s app formula and write a formula to be blank when [Status] column is changed to “Complete” or You may write an Google Apps Script to handle it in the backend in Google Sheets.

(Jenn M.) #3


Thanks for the response. Would the app formula work for those columns where there are user inputs? Such as a text column type.

(Yılmaz Kandiş) #4

@Jenn_M App Formula column wouldn’t be editable. You are right, may be better go with Google Apps Script