Hello. -Yes No button [Lead ?] that field tec...

(Tim Meske) #1

Hello. -Yes No button [Lead ?] that field tech selects -if yes then show a Lead Approval button [Lead Approved?] that only manager can change.

-the above works except that the Lead Approval button is only visible by the manager.

We need the button to be visible by both tech and manager but only editable by the manager.

-question… how to make the button visible to both the tech and the manager but only editable by the manager?

(Steven Coile) #2

Set the Show_If expression to =true, which will force its display even if not editable. …I believe.

(Tim Meske) #3

Also, not sure why the initial value of [Lead Approved?] is blank rather than FALSE

(Tim Meske) #4

+Steve Coile I believe what you are suggesting is what is in the attached pic?

Or are you suggesting something else?

(Steven Coile) #5

@Tim_Meske The expression you have in your original screenshot is:

=[Lead ?]=TRUE

My suggestion is to replace that expression with literally just:


Your expression will produce TRUE only if the value of the [Lead ?] column is TRUE; otherwise, your expression will produce FALSE.

My expression will always produce TRUE.

If a Show_If expression produces TRUE, the column will always be shown.

If a Show_If expression produces FALSE, the column will never be shown.

If there is no Show_If expression, or the expression produces no result, the column will only be shown if the column value is not blank; otherwise the column will be hidden.

(Tim Meske) #6

+Steve Coile thanks. I’m struggling with this one.

Just to be clear… there are two yes/no buttons; one is [Lead ?] which the field tech selects.

the other button is [Lead Approved?] this is the managers button that is to only be shown when [Lead ?] is true.

(Steven Coile) #7

@Tim_Meske You’ve made inconsistent requests. In your original post, you said you want [Lead Approved?] visible to both tech and manager but only editable by manager, now you say you only want it visible when [Lead ?] Is true. Which is it?

(Tim Meske) #8

+Steve Coile lead Approved button is only displayed when Lead is true.

It is displayed to both field tech and manager but only editable by the manager.

(Tim Meske) #9

So here is what I have now discovered… If the manager responds with yes/no to the approval then the approval status is displayed for the tech.

I’m thinking this has everything to do with the yes/no bring blank until Manager responds.

This is why I set initial value to FALSE.

I need to figure out why the initial value is not being taken and I believe the problem is will be resolved.

(Tim Meske) #10

Sorry to have wasted your time.

The problem was that I was initializing the Lead Approved incorrectly.

I was initializing it to “red” rather than FALSE.

My Lead is a color but my Lead Approved is TRUE/FALSE.

Apparently the show_if doesn’t like blank or incorrect initial values.

You did indirectly get me on the correct path.