Hello you all, I found that since last Frida...

(Pablo Balerio) #1

Hello you all,

I found that since last Friday the AutoSave feature is not working anymore in apps that used it and were not changed in its definition.

Once a Form is complete the form does not autosave and requires the user to tap the Save button.

Anyone else experiencing this?


(Tony Fader) #2

@pbalerio Will you make a copy of your app, then give me the name? I’d like to try to reproduce the issue on my side.

Auto-save works on this app (try clicking on the scanner button) https://www.appsheet.com/samples/An-app-that-repeatedly-scans-barcodes?appGuidString=42fd12f1-16db-4939-90b2-1f215ebff4b7

(Pablo Balerio) #3

Sorry @tony, I am struggling with a new app that does not autosave after scanning and got the impression that the old ones stopped working well but what happened is that the app (mine old as your demo) autosaves when scanning a QR code but does not autosave when typing from keyboard and hitting “Tab”. There is no other problem than my lack of developper skills.

(Tony Fader) #4

@pbalerio Hmm, when I press tab in the example app, it auto-saves (though only when I open it in the editor or in fullscreen mode).

Are you saying that it auto-saves when you scan, but not if you press tab?

(Pablo Balerio) #5


Yes, when I scan (mobile app)

it auto-saves but does not when press tab (in the browser firefox / windows)

AppSheet Mobile Preview: Repeat Scan appsheet.com

(Tony Fader) #6

@pbalerio Thanks, I’ll look into this. As a workaround, you can press Enter to submit the form instead of Tab.