Hello, you all. I´m trying to make an fields...

(Pablo Balerio) #1

Hello, you all.

I´m trying to make an fieldswork inspections app as follows.

One table for inspections with a column [inspectionID] and several questions about that inspecion site.

One table for peope working at every inspecion, referred to inspectionID, with IsPartOf set to True as each inspection has several people. Every inspecion is related to One and only one sub-contractor and one and only one task but one subcontractor can be performing two different tasks at two different inspection sites, with different people.

So far so good.

Things get more complicated when the inspector wants to be able to pre-load data for each inspected person searching by forename, lastname or documentID of each person.

So, I created a third table with people (workers) by contractor by task. This table comes pre-loaded before an inspection is opened.

My problem is that I can´t achieve the desired behavior of being able to fetch a person’s data based either on name, last name or document_number.

Any suggestion?

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@pbalerio Have you tried using Security filters? Using security filters, you can filter data based on certain conditions such as name or document number.

help.appsheet.com - Security Filters: The Essentials Security Filters: The Essentials help.appsheet.com

(Pablo Balerio) #3


No, I have not. Thank you. i’ll give ir a try.