Hello you all! If I'll have my app as a stan...

(Alex Meraru) #1

Hello you all!

If I’ll have my app as a stand alone app, on what tables is it going to run? I don’t understand the process :(. I have my own tables but how is the app going to create the tables for user? Or, on which tables is it going to run?

I hope I’ve made myself clear enough.

Thank you!

(Rogério Penna) #2

where are your tables? Suppose they are on Google Sheets.

When you enter AppSheet and choose to start a new App, you are given the option of using your own data, from where you are taken to a window where you can select where the data is (GoogleSheets) and then select the spreadsheet that will be used as your database.

Once you select a sheet and the tab, AppSheet automatically uses the first line of the sheet as fields headers in a classic database.

you can add several tabs of the same sheet, each one will be used as a database.

or you can add more sheets and their tabs…

or with a pro plan you can add tables from tabs inside GoogleSheets, from Excel files in your dropbox, etc.

and use all of those tables as well as make connections between them.

(Alex Meraru) #3

@Rogerio_Penna Thank you but that’s not what I meant. I’ve started building the app for my own use but I realised that I can very well publish it on Google Play Store.

But if I do that, how does it work? In my case, I’ve created the tables and “attached” AppSheet.

If I publish the app, does the user have to create his own tables (identical to mine)?

I’ve got no clue how does this work :frowning:

(Rogério Penna) #4

@Alex_Meraru I see. In that case I have no idea.

I suppose that public Apps are not meant like each user having their own database, but rather apps which have a public shared database amd thus it would still be a Google Sheet, or Dropbox file.

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@Rogerio_Penna This needs more study. Thank you!

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