Helloo someone can help me in my app?

I am creating an app to facilitate the management of my store (scan bar codes to have the total prices and stock management) I’ve already made a lot of progress but I’m missing some stuff

Maybe there is something that needs to be resolved in this case

i need when i click in the scanner button i get new view with barcode scanner and total prices of scanned items
like this 2 exemples


If I’m not mistaken maybe it’s about point of sale,
For that we need to create a Sales Table with several columns…

  1. id sale/type TEXT/initial Value UNIQUEID()
    2.sale date/type date/initial Value TODAY()
  2. List items/type ref to Table items
    And don’t forget( it’s a part of)
  3. Total sales/type price/with SUM TOTAL formula

We must be able to create the appropriate workflow first, such as a sample order capture application from the appsheet

please give me your email to show you more details
mine charaf93@gmail.com

Ok ready of course

thankyou man