Help Change Title/Header Display Table

How do I change this title, I’ve tried various records but still can’t, please help me…

When you click the view name, it should take you to the view options. Maybe you can change it there?

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That’s an unusual place for a heading. I would suspect you have a column of type Show at that location in the form. The text displayed could then come from the value of the column, the name of the column, or from the column’s Content property.


@Stevethanks for reply.
I think so, but how can i change it or hide it?

still not changed sir @Heru


If you want to hide it, just go to Columns, find the column name and untick “Show” field


@Bihikmi_ptn, I really don’t understand how you can have title there in that location. I was thinking previously, you need to find where was those words coming from. Starting with the view, and continue as what suggested by Steve.

When you find it, surely you can just hide it, if you don’t want to show it.

Or maybe, look to your slice, find Show columns types categorized as header or section header with that wording as display name?

Were you able to find those text within your app?


The screenshot below highlights (in red boxes) some of the places you might be able to change the content of a Show column. To hide the content altogether, you can switch Show? from ON to OFF.


Yes Thanks so much @June_Corpuz

ya, i forgot where it is, because i’m a new user of the AppSheet hehe @Heru

Yes exactly, thank you very much Sir @Steve

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No worry, you can consider me also as new user.

With the hint from Steve created sample picture above, you should be able to find it.