Help converting a GSheets formula to AppSheet

Hello everyone,
I need help converting a GSheets formula to AppSheet.
My goal is to be able to filter a view according to a column - let’s call it [CODE].
Using the advanced search DEMO, I can filter a code, but currently in GSheets I use a field like this:
123 + 456 + 367
With Substitute () and Query () I can get a filter from these 3 rows, but in AppSheet I can’t get that view.

The search field cannot be enumList because the goal is to make copyPaste something like (with a variable number of entrys):

123 + 456 + 367

and get something like this:

456 = [CODE],
367 = [CODE])

It’s possible?

Any chance you can share a reference design/ sample app and/or google sheet against which to work?

Hello @TyAlevizos.

So it’s like this:
While creating a new SampleApp to explain you what my goal was, I could see that with a help column I achieved the goal.
Thank you however you made me make the App because I had tried in many ways and could not.
I leave here anyway how I got it:

I create a VC [RESULTADOS] - Type List with:


And create a Help Column [HelpCódigo] - Type Text

in Column [Código] - Type EnumLis t put the App Formula:

SUBSTITUTE([HelpCódigo]," "," , ")

This the result, and is important when you want to analyze some rows that you can copy from a spreadsheet :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.


Wow that’s cool. Thank you for sharing @Sergio_Sa :grinning:

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I share the workaround here to search for word fragments in multiple columns.
Hope it is useful for someone.

The formula used is:

    FIND('%',[HelpCódigo])> 0,
    FIND('%',[HelpCódigo])= 0,FILTER("PRODUTOS",IN([Código],[_THISROW].[Código])

and for [S1], [S2] AND [S3]:

IF(ISBLANK(INDEX(SPLIT([HelpCódigo],"%"),1))," ",INDEX(SPLIT([HelpCódigo],"%"),1))

Changing the INDEX number
Based on:

from @GreenFlux