Help creating a Hall Pass checkin/checkout chatbot

I tried to copy the checkin/checkout sample app & hack it up but it’s too complex for what I need and I haven’t dug into chatbots enough to know what I’m doing yet.

I want to make a simple chatbot app so a teacher can checkout/checkin students who leave their classroom and return. It only needs a couple “properties” - bathroom, office, other (custom input?).

Ideally it would work like this:

  1. Teacher selects/types “Leave” (timestamp)
  2. Teacher selects/types the student’s class (we use college names, so “Syracuse” for example)
  3. Teacher selects/types the student’s name based on the class chosen in step 2
  4. Teacher selects/types where the student is going
  5. When student returns teacher types/selects “Return” (timestamp)
  6. Teacher selects/types the student’s class
  7. Teacher selects/types the student’s name

I’m going to try to work this out on my own but any help getting me started is very much appreciated.

Hi! I noticed that no one had responded so I thought I’d write a note. I think the reason that no one responded may be that there are a variety of tasks involved in developing your app. If you have a question that focuses on one specific aspect of what you want to do, you might get a useful response.

Personally, I haven’t worked with the chatbot capability of AppSheet. I think I can imagine how to do what you want to do with an ordinary AppSheet app. I think it would probably be simplest to have a Google sheet for each class. Each sheet would have columns like “Name,” “Present” (I think this could probably be true/false – if they had returned, it would revert to true), “Destination,” and time stamp columns for the times left and returned.

My explanation is not complete. If I were to build it myself, I would probably find that I want other columns or, if I ran into a problem, I might decide to configure them differently. Good luck!

Thanks Kirk

Sure! Good luck!