Help creating slice of non-matching records

I have a Merch table and a table of Merch Locations, I am trying to create a slice showing a list of Merch from the locations table that do not exist in the Merch table.

Essentially, I am allowing scans of any merch item to the locations table, even if it does not exist in the Merch table. Now I need a list of those location merch items that don’t exist in the main merch table so I can follow up on adding those items to the merch table.


IF(([Merch ID]=“Merch”[Merch ID]), False, True)

This seems to return all items, I thought it would return non-matching…

Hi @Neal_MF_Harper Im not sure what the exact formula for your data would be, but you can
subtract lists eg Locations table list - merch table list and you will be left with the items that are not in your merch table.

That sounds like a good approach, can you give any example of how a formula like that might look?

I think this would work but too expensive to run, times out my browser:

NOT(IN([Merch ID], Merch[Merch ID]))

I believe @Lynn is meaning a formula like Merch[Merch ID] - MerchLocations[Merch ID]

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Thanks for clarify, I tried this and it is super slow to page transition to load blank, I feel like I might be doing it wrong.

Locations[Merch ID]=Locations[Merch ID]-Merch[Merch ID]

Locations[Merch ID]-Merch[Merch ID] should be enough

Row filter for slice on location is looking for yes/no, what am I missing? Thanks Aleksi!

I thought you were trying to find a formula for Valid_If. This ListA - ListB syntax would give you a list of values to choose.

This is the correct approach for a slice. You should investigate why this times-out.

If either or both of these tables are very large, you may have to consider an entirely different approach.

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Both tables are very large and will be larger as we progress, thanks for feedback Steve!

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