Help Fix Viiew: JIRA/Asana Project Board View in Appsheet

How do I create a JIRA/ASANA like IT Project Dashboard? I tried, but I am stuck here.
Please Excuse my multiple posts as I am still only allowed 1 image post at a time.

I am able to show all the current users enrolled. The ideal behavior is when you click on a user I.E (myself): Brandon Ekbatani → a new view is loaded that shows all my projects based on status

This is what I was able to do:

Ideally when I click on my name this is what I want shown:

Are you expecting someone to know what this is in order to answer your questions?

You might be interested in this setting:

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Hello Marc,

Thank you I’ll check that how. But no I don’t expect them to know. I included a screenshot showing the ideal behavior.