Help for aggregate data for row series charts

Hi Everyone!!
I want to do something but don’t find the solution.

I’ve a table with this Column:


Every member of the team have practices in different status like this:

Adam Status 01 n° 2 (practices) Status 02 n° 3 Status 04 n° 4

Adele. Status 05 n° 2 (practices) Status 04 n° 3 Status 04 n° 1

Richard Status 01 n° 5 (practices) Status 03 n° 2 Status 04 n° 1

I would like to generate a Chart where I view for each member of the team complex practices but divided for Status like ROW SERIES CHARTS.

Thanks for helping me.

It is not possible out of the box today. I suspect you can massage your data to get there id you treat each status as a different measure, butt hat is not ideal as it will break other scenarios.
Wee are however working on a new version of the chart view that will support it out of the box.
Can I encourage you to sign to be part of the private Chart beta group?
Unfortunately we won’t be GA for another month or so…

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