HELP! Form adds not going through, no errors,...

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HELP! Form adds not going through, no errors, was working can’t identify where the issue is. What am I missing? fill in the form hit “Save” it shows saving 1/1 then syncing app…then the form data doesn’t show up in the table? Screen Grab in comments

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Do you have any slice or security filter for this table? Have you checked is that record in your table?

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

You’re welcome

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no slices or security… no constraints really of any sort… checked tables… data not there…I can edit something in the table but and it saves… but if I want to add new it won’t save the data

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also created a new “test” table with no formulas or constraints and it’s the same… when you fill in form hit save no data actual gets put in the table… I’m thoroughly frustrated… this is the simplest part of my whole app go figure

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May I ask what is your account ID number and app/table name if I check your app?

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Account ID: 201974 Service Ware / Customer List is the one I’m having the problem with. Also added the “test” table and it seems to not function either

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Would you please share the sheet with

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The data is actually in your gSheet, you just have lot of blank rows for some reason. Delete those rows between your existing data and it will work.

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wow don’t know how I missed that… never went that far down… lol… since the test was a copy of that sheet. it makes since and now I feel like a ding dong… thank you sooooo much