Help getting total on quote from line items

So I am trying to create an ordering / invoice app
I have an order form with
Employee name (can add or select pre existing)
customer name (can add or select pre existing)
Vehicle details (can add or select pre existing)
Select service (all pre existing,[interior][Performance] etc)
Select line items dependant on service selected (like engine upgrade, turbo, transmission for [Performance]
Each line item needs a price input (difference price for each vehicle type)

From these details above I want at the bottom of the Order page to have a total cost of selected line items.
Then total X 140% = customer price.

I have most of the collections & data in the system.

It’s just getting them working right is where I’m getting stuck.
Any help would be appreciated.

Right now I have a total off ALL line items on the database.

Is my post I bit to broad?
I’m not savvy with the lingo and guess I should go back and follow along with the tutorials again.
Last time I was only able to watch with no playing around.

If I understood your column structure correctly, you could sum them with SUM([Related Line Items][Price]).

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i think currently im using sum[Line Items][Price], guess thats why iuts grabbing the whole list

EDIT** actually im using SUM(Line Item[Price])

Yes, that’s the reason.

ok so SUM(Line Item[Price]) & SUM([Line Items][Price]) gives me total of all [Line Items]

the issue i have is each order could have the same line items, different line items, only 1 line item or up to 20 line items.

having it Sum the total ONCE the Line items are added to the quote.

start with New [Order]
inside the order is
[Staff Member] (add new, or select existing)
[Customer] (add new, or select existing)
[Vehicle Details] (add new, or select existing)
[Services] (options are -

  • Performance
  • Bodykit
  • Interior
  • Audio
  • Rims
    [Line Items] these items are dependant on the previous selection (but i have not yet worked that out
    when selecting a line item i put in the price, eg custom price for Sport Rims…
    [Order Status] Options are [Quoted/Paid] as some customers ask for a quite and return at a later date.

once complete when viewing the order i want to be able to see the Total cost of selected line items on that particular quote.

apologies if im all over the place, but i’ve been using a ridiculous amount of lookups, conditions & formulas in a spreadsheet that many staff members keep breaking or just not grasping the concept!

If I have understood your column structure correctly, you have relationship between the order and the services with the Ref field. Is this correct?

apologies @Aleksi , i do not quite understand. i think i just need to play around more with some tutorials and guides, but thank you for your time.

when creating from “idea” there was a lot of
Order has many Staff members
Order has many Customers
Order has many Services
then i wanted to create Services have many Line Items (but it wouldn’t let me)

currently with Order the Line Items are a list with Formula = REF_ROWS(“Line Item”, “Order”)

i think im trying to hard to get a solution from creating an app from Idea with as many references there before creating.

So… you have relationship between Order & Service. When you have created that with the Ref field, the system has generated a virtual list column into your Order table. The name is something like “Related Services”. It’s a list of key values from your Service table. You can read all prices and the total sum that are related to your order with the formula SUM([Related Services][Price])

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