help greatly appreciated. ..I have seen how t...

(Ellie F) #1

help greatly appreciated. …I have seen how to create links in data using ref lookups and selection lists etc. I.e select client name and client email can be automatically populated from the address book. But is it possible to go further with this and build an enum list, and have another list built based on similar referencing?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Too many options to think of… could you show us some real example, thanks.

(Ellie F) #3

I have a table ‘jobs’

I have another table ‘files’

In ‘Jobs’ I have a column ‘file attachment name’.

Also in ‘Jobs’ I have another column ‘File Attachments’ In Table Files I have ‘File Name’ column and ‘File path’ column. ‘File Attachment name’ i need to be an enum list, to allow the user to build a list of the files they want to attach to an email. This looks at the ‘Files’ table and the ‘name’ column. This way the user can identify the files they are selecting from the name they are giving it. I then need

‘File Attachments’ to build the list of the relevant file paths , (from the Files Table and the File Path column) looking at the records chosen in the ‘file Attachment Name’ column but populating with the ‘file path’ Hope that makes sense

(Bellave Jayaram) #4

I would recommend doing the concatenate in VCs for each file name and path and then create your list by using LIST([F1VC], [F2VC], [F3VC], …)

(Ellie F) #5

sorry i am not sure I understand the suggestion. I dont know in advance which files the user will select in order to create the list. i also need to use the result of the file attachments column to send the attachments via email so i need that field to only contain file paths , not a combination of the path and the ‘user given name’. sorry if i have not understood correctly what you are suggesting.

(Bellave Jayaram) #6

You can check if the user left a file field as blank and only include a file path if it is not blank. So, say you have file columns, F1, F2 etc. where the user chooses the file, then your file attachments list can be created by something like:

LIST(IFS(ISNOTBLANK([F1]),LOOKUP([F1], FilesTable, FileName, FilePath)),…)