Help I can't see Show_if in order to hide content in the form detail view?

Hello Appsheet Family,

This is my first time posting and I’m a newbie trying to find my way around. From the training videos and documentation, I see valid if and show if at the data tabs. In my case, I don’t see what’s been showed? Can someone guide me if I’m doing something wrong?

I’m attaching 3 views. The 1st view is a detail view of the form. The second view is a column where I’m trying to enter “FALSE” in the show_if column but I don’t see an option. The 3rd view is what I’m supposed to see.

Valid if
Please help?

Please find in the below screenshot. Click on the flask icon beside the show_if.

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Thanks that worked!! I guess I should read fine and grayed out words closely instead of relying on documentation and training videos.

Thanks for your help!