HELP! I have now lost an entire table TWICE....

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I have now lost an entire table TWICE. The connection in Appsheets acts like it has been severed from google and I get a major error, and the table is gone. When I refresh the page, my table is back but I have lost ALL of my work in that table. All of the columns are back, but they have not saved any of the changes (references, app formulas, etc.), and all my virtual columns have disappeared. What could be causing this? Is there a way to revert to the last version of my table before that happened? If I have to put all the data in again that will not be awesome. Also I’m concerned that the same thing will continue to happen if I can’t figure out why it’s happening to begin with.

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You can always revert the older version from Manage > Versions > Version history > Get version history

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@Aleksi_Alkio Thanks, that did the trick.

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@praveen It was called Driver0001. I’m still learning AppSheets and initially thought for the functionality of my app I would need a separate database for each driver. As I’ve learned more I’m realizing I should be able to call up the data the way I need to using expressions. I have recently deleted all of those tables, and renamed Driver0001 “Product Entry”.

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But we should still understand what caused that behavior so it won’t happen again. Are there any other details about it?

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@Aleksi_Alkio Unfortunately I don’t have the error code, I accidentally refreshed the window after getting the error. Basically the error said that it could not connect to that specific table in Google Sheets. Nothing had changed about the table either. The table was gone, and once the window refreshed, the table and all the normal columns were back, but all my previously entered data was gone.

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@Twenty_West_KC Are you saying that: - You open your app in the editor - You edit the app definition - You press save - The editor reloads and your columns are missing?

The more detail you can provide, the better.

We’ve had sporadic reports of similar things happening, and we’re trying to track it down. Are you able to consistently make the problem occur?

In the mean time, I’d recommend taking Alexsi’s approach and reverting to the previous version if/when this happens.

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@tony Thanks Tony. I was sitting in the app editor, and had recently made some changes and saved, all of which was fine, no error. I then switched to another tab where I was working on something else (with the app editor still open in it’s own tab), for maybe 15 minutes. When I switched back the error was showing up.

I can’t consistently make it occur, but it is the second time it’s happened to me. Both times were well after I had made changes and saved, which initially returned no errors.

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@Twenty_West_KC Hmm, okay. This sounds different than the other “sporadic” problem I was talking about. Usually if the editor is sitting in another tab, your app should stay unchanged. Is it possible that you opened another tab with the editor and accidentally made a change in that second tab?

Could you share the app name and (if you can) a version number of the app where there are the errors in question?

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The App Id is BillofLading-338512 , (Bill of Lading) and the error may have occurred in either version 1.000440 or 1.000000441. I didn’t have another tab opened, though it is possible I made small change and saved. Nothing that should have severed the link between table and Google Sheet tab though.

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Hi @Twenty_West_KC, you have about 30 tables in the app. Do you remember which one it was complaining about?

Also, I just saw that you have tables Driver1, Driver2, etc all the way to Driver21. That seems like an awkward data design. Can’t they all be in the same table — you differentiate by a Driver Number column in the data anyway