Help ? I HV a table "student" & 'Related sub...

(Abu Md. Moniruzjaman) #1

Help ?

I HV a table “student” & 'Related subject’s table reference from the 'student name’s column. I want to select some students(manually or considering Grade) & nominat them for a particular subject.

How can I select the students (with their related information), copy the row and paste it the to the ‘Related subject’ form?? Or anything else?

My objective is to get the student row in the related subject table.


(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @Abu_Md_Moniruzjaman,

If I have understood your requirement properly, please have all those

columns replicated in the Subjects" table those you wish to copy from the 'Student" table.

For example if you wish to copy [Student Name], [Address] [Date of Admission] from “Student” table into “Subjects” table then please have all those columns in “Subject” table

as well. Then please use dereference expressions to pull in the values from the referenced table “Student”.

When you select a student name in the “Subject” table form, from the reference drop down column in “Subjects” table , all

other dereference columns will also be populated in the “Subject” table. - Dereference Expressions Dereference Expressions