Help in timesheet app

hi, i was creating a copy of the Timesheet app, i was coming across an issue which i needed help with…

The issue is that after an employee clocks in, if he forgets he is already clocked in and does it again, there are 2 or more entries for the same employee in the same day.

i want to avoid this by giving a message when an employee has already clocked in, like saying already clocked in…THIS HELPS ME SO THAT THERE WILL BE ONLY 1 ENTRY PER EMPLOYEE PER DATE

One option… create a virtual column like [Date]&"_"&[Name] and set it as a key column. Then you are not able to add record for the same user more than once in a day.


can u go into what this is [Date]&"_"&[Name] , i understand that [date] is column names

kindly help me understand

When you create a virtual column (though it can be a normal column as well), you need to write an app formula. That formula could be this [Date]&"_"&[Name]. It will merge your date and name value together like “5/21/2020_Jack”. If that column is a key column, you can’t add a second record for today because the value would be the same. Tomorrow it would be “5/22/2020_Jack” and that you can save again… once.

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