Help in understanding the MAX expression


Please help me understand MAX expression… why I’m able to make it work in Google Sheet, but when I try to use it in appsheep I keep getting annoying errors like = “MAX function is used incorrectly”.

There is something I do not understand in the logic. Thanks

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Thanks, but obviously I already checked that out before posting my question.
Sorry, I still have some difficulties in understanding why MAX() works only with list column type.

Thanks for helping me

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Ok, so now that’s out of the way…

It would be a great help to yourself if you could provide the expression that results in the error you’ve indicated.

As you know, the MAX() function requires a list of values to determine the maximum one. That can be either a List column type OR an expression that can return a list of values.

For example if I have table named Orders with a column named Total and I want to see what the highest total amount is I can use the MAX() function like so:


The portion, Orders[Total], returns a list of the Total amount from each order in the Orders table.

SELECT() and FILTER() functions can also return lists and be used inside of the MAX() function.




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