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I’ve got a view/form where a User can add the details of a new Invoice. One of those details is an Invoice Number. When the User is done adding the Invoice details and hits “save” (actually I would like a button that says “Add Sale” but that’s another question entirely), I want my App to show a view/form that allows the User to add a product that was sold as part of the invoice.

I’ve managed to add an action that brings the User to the Sale form when clicking “save”, but I want the App to carry over the new Invoice Number to the Invoice number on the Sales form, because that is what is linking an Invoice to a Sale (and note there can be many Sales to each Invoice, each Sale representing a single product).

So that is my question: how can I make it so that the new Invoice Number from the Invoice Table/Form is populated in the Invoice Number field of my new Sale?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @baggster55. You should be able to do this using a LINKTOFORM action. Check out this sample app that does something similar.

You might also set up an invoice details table that has a reference column to your invoice. Then you could even add invoice details inline with the form using nested forms.

This Order Capture sample app also might be relevant.

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Perfect, works great, thanks!

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