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I am struggling with the use of the Linktoform expression presented in the click to send email app.
Click to send Email

I have asked this question before; however, I am not sure I explained what I was trying to do well enough. So I decided to ask in a video to hopefully provide a better picture of what I am trying to do.

Watch the video here

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Found this video and altered the expression based on their recommendation.

LINKTOFORM(“Dispatch Email”,“Time Stamp”,[Time Stamp],“Intake ID”,[Intake ID],“Job Name”,[Job Name],“First Date”,[First Date],“Last Date”,[Last Date],“Start Time”,[Start Time],“End Time”,[End Time])

Still not working

What exactly are you trying to do here? Send an email, or are you just using this as an example for using LINKTOVIEW expression?

The first argument for LINKTOVIEW is a view name, not a table name. You said that at the start, but it looks like you might have corrected yourself later.

The reason timestamp is populating into Job Name is because timestamp must be the key column of whatever table the button is on. [_THISROW] is an alias for the key column of your current table.

The way the example app works, is by creating a Ref link in the dispatch email table, referencing back to whichever row of the origin table that you clicked the button from. You create Ref links by populating the key column value of one table into a Ref type column of another table, thus why they show sending the [_THISROW] value through. From this one Ref, you can use dereference expressions to pull all the other column’s info, either in other columns of the dispatch table, or in the email template itself.

If you do want to create replicate columns in your target table, instead of using a single Ref link, they should NOT be Ref type columns as you mentioned. They should have column types matching the column types of the origin table.

This expression looks to have the correct syntax. Is the target view “Dispatch Email”? Does it produce an error, or how does it not work?


Thank you for your response. I will look through those links soon to view the content.

The purpose of the action button is ultimately to send an email. I have not developed that workflow yet as the app is not populating the proper data in the spreadsheet yet. I am not worried about getting the workflow to function properly.

The updated expression was returning the same data as the original one I used. The timestamp (key) was the only data being returned, and it was populating in the wrong column.

Sounds to me like you were still activating the old action somehow, double check that?

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Hi Danny,

The second linktoform Expression looks correct, and should be populating the form appropriately.

Try these trouble shooting steps

  1. Make sure the first parameter “dispatch email” is matching the name of your destination form view exactly.
  2. If you’re using a “slice” to power that form view, then make sure the columns you want to populate are in that slice. If they’re not in the slice, you can’t send data to them…
  3. Double check your column schema for that table matches in both the sheet and AppSheet

My :moneybag: is on #2 being your issue


Thank you! Looks like after changing the expression to what was found in the video, the culprit was #3.
When I changed the column type from ref to text it worked!