Help! My app suddenly disappeared from deployed section

Help! My app suddenly disappeared from deployed section. It’s happened when I pushed the “share” button.
And now, when I run my app from mobile, I see on 1st screen: App ‘c807b254-a45e-41e7-a307-d1dc2cdf0649’ was not found.

Account ID: 962368

And I do not have a section “Co-author apps”

Heeelp, pleeeaase :slight_smile:

May I ask what was the app name?

Yes. But it was Cyrillic letters.

The 1st one was disappeared (with house-icon)

I have that message, when I try to run app: x1Trackmaster|230x500

Would you please copy and paste the app name (from the App name field).

I’d be glad to do it. But how can I copy the name from disappeared app? It’s totally gone from my account.
My screenshots was created before accident…

Well… just type it with Cyrillic letters.

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Was it a co-authored app?

It’s app name

I don’t think so.
I was only one developer

I will ask our developers to check your account.

Thank you very much, Aleksi.

It looks like the app was marked deleted. From the My Apps page the delete and share buttons are really close together, so it would have been easy to inadvertently hit delete. I was able to recover the deleted app in this case so it should be visible again.

Brian, thank you!
I am on the boat again))))
It’s you was right about Delete button.