Help needed: in an action, how to ask the user to enter some text via input()

Hi all,

from a card view I give a user the possibility to decline something.
This trigger an action “Data: set the values of some columns in this row”.
One of the columns to be set should prompt the user for some text via input(“Ablehnungstext”, “”)
But the input box is empty and no input field is shown.

What I’m doing wrong?

Thank you for all help!

Wow! I never knew this capability was there. I read the documentation and played a bit with it.

As described, I created an action to set values of columns. I then used the INPUT() function for a Status column. See image below.

Running the app, I selected a row and tapped the “Add Status” action. I received the result shown in the second image. Notice that the default value is not set but otherwise everything else seems ok. I did find out that if you tap the button AFTER a value had been set - that value does show in INPUT Form when it opens.

Now the question is what is different for you? Can you show your action where you have the INPUT() function defined?

Action with INPUT function defined

Result when tapping on “Add Status” button from a row

Clicking dropdown on pop-up Form

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Thank you @WillowMobileSystems John Baer for your good description.

Unfortunately the INPUT() box is still empty with no input field.

The action “Ablehnung” is shown in a card view based on a slice.

If I change in “Set these columns” the value for the column Ablehnungstext to a constant string, both values are saved in the google sheet as expected. So from my point of view the action should be OK.

Any idea would could be wrong beside the statement: INPUT("xyz", "value_1")?

Thank you, Joachim

This is the action:

And this is the empty INPUT() Box if I hit the button “Ablehnung”:

Update: there was an condition for this column which prevents it from being displayed.

Now I can enter some text, but if I try to save (Einreichen) nothing happens, cancel (Abbrechen) is working.

Any idea on that?

I am new to INPUT as well. Obviously, the columns assigned the INPUT() function follow the column definition rules. Check to make sure that there are no other criteria specified in the column such as Valid_If, Editable_If, etc that would prevent you entered text.

I would also check the logs for any reported errors.