Help needed, N00b here :( Hi everyone, I'm w...

(Stefanie Dietz) #1

Help needed, N00b here :frowning:

Hi everyone, I’m working on a recipe/menu app.

Working so far: Table of ingredients, Table of recipes and table with ingredients-per-recipe. But whenever I try to add an ingredient to a recipe (existing or new one), the app only lets me add a NEW ingredient, which is not the plan - I want to add EXISTING ingredients. Side note: for a reason I have not yet figured out this “add new ingredient” function will only let me pick an existing name for the newly added ingredient, which of course errors out because it already exists. duh.

I’ve been working with the “Order Capture” sample app as a reference, because the mechanics of “Orders” containing several “Products” are quite similar to “Recipes” containing several “ingredients”. That works just fine. But where I can “ADD” a new item to an order in the sample app, in my app I can only create a NEW ingredient for my recipe.

Can anyone enlighten me?

Order Capture Sample App:

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Well… the new button will add a new ingredient for your recipe. Is that what you are requesting?

(Stefanie Dietz) #3

Not really :frowning: The idea is to add ingredients from the existing table of ingredients to the recipe. The ‘new’ button right now is trying to create a brand new ingredient, which is not what I want/need. Any idea how I can change this behavior? I need an ‘add’ button, not a ‘new’ button :slight_smile:

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Well… they are actually the same button. The button name is just chenged from the UX > Localize

(Stefanie Dietz) #5

I was just about to type a veeeery long answer / problem description when it hit me: I was simply using the wrong column as key for the recipe ingredient table. DUH! Thanks for bearing with stupid me!

(Aleksi Alkio) #6