Help Needed with an expression!! Basically I...

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Help Needed with an expression!!

Basically I’ve 2 columns with Previous date and Next Date. When adding an entry both dates need to take the date of entry (Today()) a initial value. This will make both the dates equal at first for example 09/24/2018

When we edit the same entry in the next instance the value in the next date in row that exists (before syncing) needs to replace the value in the previous date.

For example, upon first edit where next date is updated to 26th Sept the prev date will still be 24th sept as next date is also 24th sept. But upon second edit the prev date need to become 26th sept and the next date as per user choice.

I’m using [_THISROW].[Next Date] but its returning a blank. Can you help me with this?

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When you use the “Initial value”, it will launch the value only when you add a new record. When you save that new record, your formula is gone and it’s the same than any other normal date field.

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@Aleksi_Alkio I’ve used this formula in Appformula too

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You could use formula [PrevDate]+2 for NextDate column as an app formula. The PrevDate could have an initual value like TODAY()-1. When you need to change the date, you need to change only the PrevDate value.