Help on building a view


I want to have a dashboard view that will basically have two screens.

One is a choice, lets say to choose between View A, View B, View C etc; and the second is the view that is chosen in the first view. Views A, B C are made from different tables.

Is there a way to achieve this?

I thought of using slices but a slice is essentially a ‘slice’ of the same table.

Like this?



Exactly this.


  1. Create a single row table called say “ViewsSelect” with two columns ID (key), ViewName (Enum type ,Text base ) Enum Options: Names of views that you wish to appear selectively in dashboard.
    The table vill be multirow with column for useremail for multiple users- one row to retain selection of each user.

  2. Create a detail view called say “ViewSelect” on above table with column “ViewName” as Quickedit

  3. Include “ViewSelect” view and ALL views that you wish to be selected through Enum in a dashboard view

  4. For each of those views except “ViewSelect” view , the show_if will be
    ANY(ViewsSelect[ViewName])= “View Name”
    e.g. For a view called “Orders” the Show_if will be ANY(ViewsSelect[ViewName])= “Orders”

The expression will change for multi user environment. You will need to bring in user email in teh expression.


Got it.

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