Help on sending SMS

There’s a list of people and their associated phone numbers in a row of record.

My aim is to send a message to all of them at the click of an action button.

What I have done so far is create a yes/no column in the sheet, and have built an action to set it from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’, and a workflow (with UPDATES_ONLY) to send an SMS set to trigger when the column is ‘Yes’; AND ANOTHER action to set the column back to ‘No’ from ‘Yes’ and another workflow rule to send an SMS which is set to trigger when the column is ‘No’.

The audit log is intermittently showing the success / failure status.

Is this at all the right way to do what I want?

RE: Do workflow tests show up on the audit log?

Hi @Pratyay_Rakshit. Here’s a sample app that you can start from:

I’m not sure why you’d be seeing errors, but if you share the error messages we can help. Workflow tests (i.e. pressing the “test” button) don’t appear to show up in the log, but workflows triggered by changes in the app should show up in the log (even if the app is in prototype mode).

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