HELP! One App suddenly stopped working

My main App (App louncher) suddenly stopped working, without any changes, just out of nothing. It’s the only of my apps with this error. It it showing the following error:

When this has happened to me, simply reloading the app editor (sometimes several times) fixes the problem. If not for you, please contact for help with this.

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Now its having a different issue.
The system button “add” for a specific table suddenly shows an “unable to find column x” error. Looking at the columns in the expression assistant, the columns displayed are from a different table, it has never happened before, it is so strange. The “add” button for one table is suddenly referencing another table.
So the error says “unable to find column” but the column is correct.

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This message in Expression Assistant:


means you can’t reference columns of the current row in the expression. [Tipo] is a reference to the Tipo column of the current row, and is not allowed here.

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