Help!! One of my user can't access to his a...

(Abu Md. Moniruzjaman) #1


One of my user can’t access to his account by his email. Currently i m using free plan & i dont deployed my app yet. I m supposed to use 10 user as per the ptototype app plan. He will b the 6th user of my app!

What could b the probable reason??

N:B: i hv a plan to switch secure plan as soon as my app is ready & deployed.

(Abu Md. Moniruzjaman) #2

I did the require sign in tab active, the user also has gmail account. All other users can access but he can’t… Still stuck…

How i can solve the issue :frowning:


On the page where you require sign in, can you check the allowed providers is either Google or All Providers?

(Abu Md. Moniruzjaman) #4


It is Google. Is it ok? Or I will Change it to any provider??


If the user’s email is gmail it should be ok. If they are added to the user list but still unable to login, please email with details (account number, the name of the app, email of the user that can’t log in).