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I have a check in app for our EOC that we want to start using tomorrow. Normally we have staff at a table that check people in so they have access to the entire roster. But since we have such a small group reporting for duty I want to try and get everyone to self-check in.

How can I set the security filter so they only see their record?

They will be signing in with email and I have an email column in the data source I’m just not sure how and where to put the filter. Please help. We want to start this tomorrow at 8am EST.



You can set Security Filter at a table level with an expression to achieve this. You can find this option in the ‘Security’ Tab.

For example, if the column name is ‘Email’, you can use expression USEREMAIL() = [Email] as a security filter.

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If I want to have a workflow setup to email them a time report upon checkout how can I write a select expression in the google template so it just displays their info?

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If I understood your question correctly, you want to write a SELECT expression with the details filtered by user’s email.

SELECT(TableName[Column],  ([Email] = USEREMAIL()))

Here are some sample email templates which can help you