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I’ve been tasked to replicate this chart within AppSheet, but can’t wrap my mind around how to do it. I know how to get the COUNT of each order within our system, but am not sure how to show that on a weekly basis, like it is displayed in the non-AppSheet chart above. Here is what I have so far. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. @Greg_Stevenson

The chart you are trying to replicate is not currently possible with AppSheets native charting options.

It would be possible to generate such a chart with external charting tools. As an example, you can pass data as JSON to and it will return a .png chart… I don’t believe charttt generates the chart you are looking for, but there may be some service online that does.


Thanks @Jonathon, I appreciate the feedback. That’s was I was afraid of. I also appreciate the insight into charttt. I will be looking into this as well as I’m sure I can utilize it somehow.

I thought I recently read somewhere here in the comments that Appsheet was going to integrate better/different chart controls. Might be worth checking into.

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Maybe a Calendar View would fit?

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HI All,

We are upgrading our chart capability to enable expressing more flexible charts. However we don’t have any plans at the moment to support waterfall type of charts like the one above. It’s not to say we will never do it, but there are so many more common common type of chart and interactive analytic capabilities we need to focus on delivering first.
My recommendation would be to use a BI tool like Tableau or others capable of shaping a waterfall charts and integrate it in your dashboard using the iframe option (Detail view → Detail column option) .
@Arthur_Rallu ^ FYI


Wait… the iframe option is released? I dont see it :frowning:

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