Help with a dynamically created list based on ISBLANK values

Hey guys,

I want to create a concatenated text value based on which fields of the same table are still blank. Not sure if a regular column or VC is best.

This is for a payroll purpose where I want to have a field in a detail view below an employee’s name which states which documents they still need to finalize their onboarding. These forms are file type columns with scanned docments such as an I9, direct paycheck deposit or W-4. Ideally the field would read as follows if the person were missing all three…

“Still needs: I9 form, W-2 Form, direct deposit form”

How would I go about doing this? Essentially any of these file type fields which are blank I’d like to add to this list.

Hope that’s specific enough.

Like this:

    IFS(ISBLANK([i9-form-column]), "I9 Form"),
    IFS(ISBLANK([w2-form-column]), "W-2 Form"),
    IFS(ISBLANK([directdeposit-form-column]), "Direct Deposit Form"),
  - LIST("")

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