Help with a hospital App

Thanks for reading this message. I am a doctor from Madrid, Spain, and I am trying to help manage the new wards we are creating for COVID patients.

I have done this simple project already:

Google form to receive patients symptoms from their homes.
Google sheet to organize and continue their followup.

I want to create an app where you could:

Select patients bed -> add clinical data-> this data loads in a shared sheet so everyone is updated in real time.

I know how I can make that, but what I need the app to do:

  • If there is already info for that patient -> load the info saved in the spreadsheet, so we can edit just one area (ex same age and symptoms but new findings in xray, so I can go straight to the xray category, edit that and everyone may see it)

  • Being able to clean patient data in one click in case someone new occupies that bed.

Could you point me to any of the sample projects that has this functionality?

thanks a lot.

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Hi Hidalgo, I would volunteer some time to help you with this.

If you create a new application with sample data (fake to avoid any privacy concerns), and share editor access to me, I could mock something up to get you on your way. Shoot me an email at [redacted]



I’d like to help also. I was thinking it may be good to create another table that saves which patient is in which bed for the long run in case you needed to go back for analysis.

If I had a better idea of your real workflow, maybe we can create virtual workflows to get people in the right places quicker.

I’m unsure how strong the ML is with appsheet, but maybe we could look at using it to create a predictive model for you in triaging you patients.

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For the communities reference, here is the first iteration of @Hidalgo’s app:


Wow, that app is great. I was just starting to wrap my head around trying to build one, but that is significantly better then what I was thinking about. Great job, let’s hope that helps his facility!

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Good example of what’s achievable with AppSheet with a short turnaround. From app idea/scoping, to finished product in ~7 hrs.



Very good for a short amount of work. I do similar apps for non-skilled assisted living facilities.

Great App
Can AppSheet please develop a Hospital App that people can customize for Hospitals or Clinics.
I am also trying to assist doctors that work in a country hospital that have no systems at the hospitals

Theodore, here is the app link. Feel free to copy and tweak to your needs:

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Any specifics you would like added to the app. I’d be happy to help.

Thank so much