Help with a SELECT expression

Hi guys! I hope you’re fine, I have a doubt

If for example I have a table called TIMESHEET
and I have the next columns inside of it

  • employees (ref)
  • date (date)
  • entranceHour (time)
  • outHour (time)

Here is what I want to do ->

How can I select the entranceHour and the outHour as well of a certain employee, I don’t want to select all the entranceHours and Out Hours, only those belonging to a certain employee.

I hope you could help me with that expression please!

Hi @ [Jesus_Corral]

You might want to look into FILTER()

In AppSheet SELECT returns one column data at a time.

SELECT(TIMESHEET[KEY], ([employee] = “xyz”), TRUE)` : A list of distinct key (duplicates omitted) of the TIMESHEET of the employee xyz.

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Thank you Steve

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Thank you Robin!

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