Help with Action in Timesheet App

Hi! I’m using a variation of the Timesheet Sample App to sign in volunteers when they arrive at our warehouse. I would like to have names of the volunteers disappear from the volunteer drop down list once they have been signed in. The names have been pre-populated in the spreadsheet before they arrive, they check-in, and then check-out after their shift.

Any advice for this? Thank you!

You can put a FILTER() expression in the VALID_IF field of the column.

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Thank you for your quick reply! I found the valid_if field of the column. What would the filter expression look like to remove a name from the list?

Well I do not know your columns and tables. Or in whitch of the tables data is located.
But look at the FILTER() link @Steve sent you. If in the same table and you use REF, something like:
FILTER(“tablename”, NOT([_THISROW].[Name]=[Name]))
But try to read up on the links. That is the point. We help you learn, not do your job;)

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PS: If you later need to edit the record (row), this might cause problems. Then another expression is needed, or you need to move the expression from VALID_IF to SUGGESTED_VALUES.
But if not, you are good to go…I think.

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