Help with approach to a problem?

I have a problem to solve, and I’m having trouble developing the right approach.

I have a table with a list of jobs. There is a column for status, install date and install crew among others.

I would like to bulk select a group of these “jobs” and then input an install date & install crew once and have it update the multiple rows, assigning the same date and crew to each and updating the status.

It would be easy if I could hard code the crew and dates, but that varies, and I need a way to imput those once, and apply to each row selected.

I realize this is not easy to do without some kind of work around, but I’m willing to try anything to do a blanket update like this.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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This approach might help you.


Appsheet recently introduced a new function called INPUT(), which combined with Action “Data: set the value of some columns in this row” can easily solve your problem.

I made a quick sample app to show how it works.
I hope this helps and answers your question.