Help with AppSheet Events Add-on

The documentation says: If the event doesn’t show up, verify your table selection in Google Sheets and that you are logged into a Google account that has access to both the Google Spreadsheet and the AppSheet app (from the Users tab).

I have two apps and data that are on one google account and one AppSheet Plan (GROUP1). I have another app and data that are under another google account and another AppSheet Plan (GROUP2) because the apps require different licensing.

I want to use AppSheet events to capture a data change from GROUP2 data and have a BOT in an app in GROUP1 run. Is that possible? One app in GROUP1, where I’m trying to get the BOT to work has access to all the tables, from both GROUP1 and GROUP2, inside the app.

Attn @Temiloluwa_Otuyelu

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If the app in Group1 has access to all the data i.e. you can add the sheet as a table to the app in Group1, why not create the event in group 1?