Help with Automation Form Save Event triggers Bot but not Workflow Event

I have an action for Table AnnualPermitData that is a sequence of actions creating up to 12 new rows in another table called WaterUseData which gets triggered on a ‘add_only’ workflow for AnnualPermitData.

I have added a bot for WaterUseData when a new row is added to run a process.

The problem right now is that if I trigger the AnnualPermitData sequence of actions from a form save event, all 12 rows get created ‘client-side’ for WaterUseData and the Bot associated with WaterUseData executes successfully. However, if I trigger the AnnualPermitData sequence of actions using a workflow instead, then the WaterUseData Bot does NOT execute.

It would seem that in my case a bot executes if the event was initiated ‘client-side’, but that it does not execute when the event was initiated ‘server-side’. I was hoping someone already has enough expertise in this relatively new subject to maybe offer some guidance? Or if someone from the Appsheet team could maybe elaborate? @prithpal maybe?

Im gonna make the guess that since workflows didn’t used to trigger other workflows the same would hold true for workflows and or bot combinations? So bots won’t trigger workflows, workflows wont trigger bots, and bots wont trigger bots.

According to this it is supposed to work, that’s why I thought I would raise the issue. But as I also said, this topic is so new that who really knows what is supposed to happen.

This says bots can trigger bots not that workflows can trigger bots. There may be some limitation here like how workflows don’t trigger workflows. Workflows will eventually be leaving so if you can execute it from an action I would do that first or have bots triggering bots instead of a workflow triggering bots.

Thanks for the heads up. After I noticed that, I actually started re-creating my workflow as a bot instead. Unfortunately it still did not trigger the other bot. Guess I’m out of luck still.

Can you share your event configuration for this bot?


Yes, the configuration is as follows:

AnnualPermitData Bot:

AnnualPermitData Process:

AnnualPermitData Task ‘Executes a Sequence of Actions’:

So, in this case the last action in this sequence I had to add back in to execute the action on the WaterUseData table. Ideally the last action I had wanted to automatically execute by picking up the ‘Add’ a new record in the bot for WaterUseData as configured below:

And WaterUseData Process:

I should clarify that the last action of the sequence in AnnualPermitData called ‘Create WaterUseData Row: Add Permit Ref to WaterUseData 2’ does call the same action in WaterUseData table that the bot for WaterUseData table calls.

I believe I mis-quoted myself earlier, we do prevent bots today from triggering other bots (just like we do for workflows today) primarily to avoid a recursive/race condition scenario.

I know that this has been a long standing ask from many of our customers. We are exploring options on how we can provide an effective solution for this use case.

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Thank you for the clarification. For now the workaround will suffice by just calling the extra action in my sequence of actions like I had to before. But yes, it would be interesting to see if this type of solution can be implemented in the future.

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