Help with automations

Hi I have setup automations to email and sms certain individuals when new customer complaints come in but neither of them seems to be working.

I saw one tutorial which went into some detail regarding this but it was an overview.

I tried to follow as best as I could and implement but I must have missed some steps.

Is there any documentation or videos I can look at to make sure my settings are correct?

Hi Jared,

Which datasource are you using?

Can you describe how the “Customer Complaints” are coming in? Are they being added from an AppSheet app or are they being updated in a sheet manually? If you want the bots to trigger based on manual updates to the sheet (aka External Data Change Events), then make sure to check this pre-requisite step out.

Is your app deployed?

Google sheets

They are being added through the app. Trying to move away from adding to the sheet itself.

@Steve Steve, no it was not deployed when I initially messaged. I have deployed it now but I am still on a free tier.

Would the automation execute without me upgrading?

When I go to monitor I can see that it is saying that the tasks were completed.

I don’t know the answer to either; both are best answered by @prithpal.