Help with Charting (MMMM,YYYY)

Hello all!I’m working on my 4th app now!I’ve run into another issue again unfortunately.

I would like to make a histogram of of x axis ( MMMM,YYYY) vs Count as shown below. Having specific dates is too granular for my histogram


I’ve tried making a column with date format and text([date], MMMM YYYY) but appsheet isn’t picking this up.

Any clues as to how I can do this?

Could you please update what exact issue you are facing?

Is TEXT() expression not working or you are having difficulty with the histogram?

I think I found my answer at I want to chart values by day, week, month and year

Someone asked this just 24 hours ago! Sorry! Why isn’t this an appsheet feature hmmm

The above app by @tsuji_koichi is perfect for what I needed!Thanks!



@jared @Arthur_Rallu ^ FYI