Help With Creating Email Workflow Attachments

Good morning App Sheet Fam, I hope you are all doing exceptional.

I am needing help with hopefully generating an email with the column “file” type (.pdf) data within a table in my app.

My goal is to add the row data of columns [BOL (PDF)] and [Original Rate Con (PDF)] as attachments to the email automatically instead of using file_location (text) to source the file.

@Phil A.K.A. Mr. Workflow, #community Can you #helpme ?

Checking unattended post, but this looks "solved’ to me!

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Yes Sir!

I created three file type columns in a table and with your and others’ help I created a workflow with the uploaded attachments attached in the bottom of the workflow screen in the form of:

List([Original Rate Con (PDF)],[Signed BOL (PDF)], [Invoice (PDF)])

Thank you again!