Help with creating location for materials

I am currently having trouble on the format of my app. What I want to create is an app that first allows the user to select from 1 of 6 options (What production line). Next the user will be able to select a product from that line, Coke, Dr Pepper, pepsi, etc. From there they will be shown total quantity of that product and the area its in and how much is in each area. The user will then be able add and delete locations (from a list of optional locations in the warehouse), as well as manually enter the quantity in each location.

My code so far seems to have most of what I need, except being able to see and adjust the product quantities in an area and add/delete areas from a specified list of areas.

The app description screen you are showing is helpful to get the main pieces of the app in place as a starting point.

To help with these problems, we’ll need more details about the app and what you have implemented so far to be able to help more. There could be many ways to represent in the app what you have described.

Images of the pertinent views and Table columns are best.

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