Help with Dashboard and Interactive Mode

Hi Guys,

Need help with dashboard and interactive mode not working like expected on one of the views. I have the following 4 tables with the following key columns:

Call Log (Llamadas a Llamar)

Customer (Detalle Clientes)

Interview (Detalles Entrevista)
Interview ID
Customer ID

Customer Comments (Voz del los Clientes)
Interview ID
Customer ID

When a Customer is selected in the Call Log View the Customer view and Interview view are filtered to that customer but the Customer Comments view does not. Attached images.

Would like to display all of the customers comments “Voz de los clientes” when their name is selected in the “Llamada a Llamar” view.

Hi James - I think your Customer Comments view is a ‘Detail’ view, which would only display one comment at a time (and appears to not even be doing that). I would try replacing that view in your dashboard with a deck or card view of comments - I think that should display a full list of comments when a customer is selected.

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Hi @Peter,

Thanks for your response. Changed the view as you suggested but still not getting it to work. Can you look at the app?